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Africa meets Africa launched 2015 with a very important event:
My Room at the centre of the Universe was screened under the stars to the Sutherland community members it features and who were part of its making.

It was a very emotional occasion and a highly successful evening!
Many people in the audience were heard to remark, over and over:
"Dis oor ons mense. "
"Hierdie film is met ons mense gemaak!"
(This is about our people. This film was made with our people!)

An elderly community member remarked:
"Mense dink niks gebeur in dorpies soos Sutherland nie. Maar hierdie film wys alles gebeur hier. Net soos in die groot stede ! "
(People think nothing happens in small towns like Sutherland. But this film proves everything happens here, just like in the big cities)

See more about My Room at the centre of the Universe on our Publications link

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